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Nosferatu (1922)
Nosferatu is a classic German horror film produced in 1922 by Enrico Dieckmann and Albin Grau.  The film focuses on an estate agent, Hutter, who is tasked with selling an old castle, located in Transylvania, to Count Orlok.  A series of strange occurrences lead Hutter to believe that the Count is really a vampire.  Unfortunately for Hutter, he come to this realization only after he has been trapped in the castle.

The film Nosferatu was produced in Germany by Prana Films and first released in 1922.  It was based on the 1897 novel, Dracula, but changed the characters names, and had several key plot differences.  This was done because the rights to the book had not been attained.  Most of the movie was filmed in the Carpathian Mountains and the surrounding areas.  Since the film was made in 1922 it was silent movie.  The accompanying music that was first used has been lost and is often replaced with different soundtracks.  Although the film was released in 1922 in Germany, the movie did not reach the USA until 1929.  It has subsequently been released in many other countries over the years.  When the Prana Film company was sued by Bram Stoker's estate for copyright infringement, the court declared that all copies of Nosferatu were to be burned.  One print of the film had already been distributed and has been copied many times throughout the years.

The film has inspired many other horror films and directors throughout the years.  The movie has a strong cult following and has also received positive review from film critics.  It is a most see for anyone interested in classic horror films.  It is forced to rely on the acting and writing to produce a good movie, instead of expensive special effects.  Because the film was made in the 1920's the copyright has expired on it.  This means that it can be watched legally for free. This wide availability has lead to its continuing popularity.

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