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      Many of the classic horror movies that we have come to know and love have become public domain content.  This means that they may be used by anyone for any purpose.  Because of their lack of copyright many are available to watch and download for free online.  They are in the public domain for various reasons.  Many of them were not renewed within the 28 year period.  Some, such as The Night of The Living Dead, became public domain simply because the producers forgot to put a copyright notice on the film when it was released.  Now when a movie is produced is automatically copyrighted.  This is why most public domain content is pre 1970's.  Here is an incomplete list of films that are thought to be in the public domain*:
  ·Invisible Ghost - 1941
  ·Horror Express - 1972
  ·House on Haunted Hill - 1959
  ·The Driller Killer - 1979
  ·Freaks - 1932
  ·Bloody Pit of Horror - 1965
  ·The Ape - 1940
  ·Carnival of Souls - 1962
  ·Bowery at Midnight - 1942
  ·Dead Men Walk - 1943
  ·Night of the Living Dead -1968
  ·Nightmare Castle - 1965
  ·The Mad Monster - 1942
  ·Lady Frankenstein - 1971
  ·The Manster - 1959
  ·The Monster Walks - 1932
  ·The Screaming Skull - 1958
  ·Scared to Death - 1947
  ·Tormented - 1960
  ·The Terror - 1963
  ·The Vampire Bat - 1933
  ·White Zombie - 1932
  ·The Last Man on Earth - 1964
  ·The City of the Dead - 1960
  ·Dementia 13 - 1963
     Although many of these movies are lesser known or are considered 'B' movies, some major movies are now public domain.  Night of the Living Dead for example became public domain upon its release because its distributor, the Walter Reade Organization, forgot to place a copyright notice on the film prints.  At the time, a copyright notice was necessary for a film to be copyrighted.  They planned on adding scenes in attempt to copyright that version, but this was never completed.  Its fame has largely been attributed to the fact that because is was public domain upon release, it was and continues to be available for a very low price, and now for free on websites such as YouTube.  There are many places where these classic horror films can be watched and download legally free of charge. is a great place to watch classic horror films and even classic horror TV shows.  They have a great variety and even have some modern horror films available for free. is the best place on the internet to download and watch any type of public domain movies and TV shows.  All of the horror movies are easy to download, usually in very good quality.  It is dedicated to preserving all types of classic moving pictures.  The only issue I have found with this website is its organization.  Some of the films are misclassified and are difficult to find unless you known what you are looking for. is another great resource for classic horror films.  The films are easy to locate and watch.  They are usually in good quality and well organized. 

*Please note that the list of films is incomplete and accuracy is not guaranteed.  This is simply a list of films that are believed to be in the public domain.