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With today’s modern films, a lot of people have forgotten about the well-loved classic horror movies. Video rentals may still have copies of these movies but the good news is that most of the classic horror movies can now be watched in DVD format. In many cases the black and white original forms have been restored and can be watched for free online.

People should learn to appreciate classic horror movies because the actors from these films gave their best to portray the characters according to their imaginations. These people didn’t have access to rubber masks, makeup techniques, or stop motion photography! Still, the special effects of the movies are able to bring justice to the horror movie.

Some of the classic horror movies that are still well-loved up to this date are the following:

·1922 - Nosferatu
·1932 - White Zombie
·1963 - The Haunting
·1964 - The Last Man on Earth
·1968 - Night of the Living Dead
·1968 - Rosemary’s Baby
·1973 - The Exorcist
·1974 - Texas Chainsaw Massacre
·1976 - The Omen
·1979 - Alien

Dracula and Frankenstein are also quite known. These classic horror movies are far better than the ‘slasher films’ of today that don’t have a great plot. Modern technologies allow filmmakers to produce movies that simply want to scare people even without a decent story. It is much better to invest on the classic movies if you really have a good taste. 

The originality of the classic horror movies is what sets it apart from there modern counterparts. Choosing the movies to watch with your loved one or with your family is vital if you want a very engaging movie experience. First and foremost, you have to take a look at the plot of the movie. The internet can provide you with the synopsis of the movie and some preview. With a little bit of research, you can easily tell if a movie is worth watching or not.

Not everyone loves horror movies. If you’re a horror fan, you should take a good look at the classic ones. It is no longer hard to obtain digitized copies of the classic horror movies. You can buy the DVD format from major online stores or you can simply download the movies. If you have a reliable and fast internet connection, you can easily get clear copies of the horror movies of the yesteryears, due to the fact that many have fallen into the public domain.

Some of the finest movies are the very first horror films. For instance, under the vampire genre, you should watch the Bela Lugosi or perhaps the Nosferatu versions. Universal Studios was great at producing these horror films, and you can start your search from there.

Some of the classic horror movies are based from books, like that of Frankenstein. Boris Karloff was the star of the movie back then. He also starred in the movie entitled ‘The Mummy’. When the movie ‘The Exorcist’ was released, a lot of people were scared to death because the movie was about a young girl that was possessed.

As you can see, there are many choices of classic horror movies out there. Just invest time and effort to find the best movies ever made that will haunt you in the months to come!

Classic Horror Films
Because many classic horror films have fallen into the public domain, they can be watched legally free of charge.
In this classic horror film, Night of the Living Dead, a group of people barricade themselves in a barn in an attempt to survive a zombie attack.
Night of the Living Dead (1968)
The Last Man On Earth (1964)
In a post-epidemic world, one man survives and attempts to find a cure while fighting off the undead to stay alive.